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Primarily known as the co-founder of electronic noise duo Fuck Buttons, Andrew Hung is also known for his production and score work. Growing up in Worcester, England, Hung developed a taste for the music of artists such as Aphex Twin and Portishead. After meeting Benjamin John Power in 2004 while studying art in Bristol, the two struck up a friendship over mutual tastes in music, cinema, and art. The pair soon began creating music together (initially to score a short film that Hung himself had made) before going on to perform live under the moniker Fuck Buttons. The project generated attention on the gig scene due to their unusual live setup, which consisted of sequencers, synths, Casiotone keyboards, and an array of childrens toys. Hung and Power went on to record three albums as Fuck Buttons: 2008s Street Horrrsing, 2009s Tarot Sport, and 2013s Slow Focus. Power formed his solo act, Blanck Mass, in 2011 and Hung pushed on with a number of projects of his own, first forming Dawn Hunger (an anagram of Andrew Hung) in 2012 with friends Claire Inglis and Matthew de Pulford, who put out the "Billowed Wind/Stumbling Hunger" single in 2012. Late 2015 saw Hung issue his first official solo releases: the two-volume, club-focused Rave Cave EPs. Next, using a number of software synths and a Bontempi keyboard, he spent three weeks composing a somewhat minimal score for the 2016 black comedy The Greasy Strangler.

2016 also saw Hung earn co-writing and production credits on Kidsticks, the sixth studio album from Beth Orton. His self-produced, first full-length solo album, Realisationship, was released in 2017, and featured his first vocal performances. It was a move away from the experimental noise and electronica of his earlier work. ~ Rob Wacey

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