Andrés Suárez
Andrés Suárez

Andrés Suárez

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Born in 1983, Andrés Suárez is a Spanish singer/songwriter from Galicia. After spending his teenage years playing in rock bands, Suárez decided to move to Santiago de Compostela to launch a solo career as a singer/songwriter. He released his debut album in 2002. Suárez relocated to Madrid in the mid-2000s and slowly began to make a name for himself in the contemporary singer/songwriter scene, collaborating with artists such as Ruibal, Miguel Bosé, Pedro Guerra, Pablo Milanés, María del Mar Bonet, and Tonxu -- the latter also produced Suárez's second outing, Maneras de Romper una Ola (2007). His discography also includes the EP Piedras y Charcos (2010) and the albums Cuando Vuelva la Marea (2011), Moraima (2013), Mi Pequeña Historia (2015), and Desde una Ventana (2017). ~ Mariano Prunes

    El Ferrol, Spain
  • BORN
    April 16, 1983

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