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An unlikely but powerful combination of punk fury and prog-rock ambition, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead are fiery iconoclasts who refined their attack without losing any of their passion. Their cathartic live shows and propensity to destroy their gear translated to 1999's Madonna, but they added more polish to 2002's major-label debut Source Tags & Codes, creating one of the most epic alternative rock albums of the early 2000s -- a time when epic rock wasn't exactly fashionable. Their fondness for grand gestures, as well as the expansive sounds of Pink Floyd and Yes, informed later works such as 2005's Worlds Apart. The band stayed true to their fervent yet philosophical approach, resulting in triumphs like 2011's Tao of the Dead and 2020's X: The Godless Void and Other Stories, while 2022's quadraphonically recorded XI: Bleed Here Now reaffirmed their commitment to unapologetically big-sounding rock.

Austin, TX, United States of America