An Automotive

About An Automotive

Descended from the post-punk outfit Joan of Arc, An Automotive's music experiments with genre boundaries by fusing the funk rock of Jane's Addiction, the atmosphere of Radiohead, and the loopy grooves of the Beta Band. After four years at the Berkley School of Music in Boston, guitarist Frank Hryniewicz moved back to Chicago and rejoined his old band, Sidekick Kato. Despite filmmaker Matt Golin releasing a documentary about the band, the members soon parted ways. But by joining with bassist Erik Bocek of Apocalypse Hoboken, Joan of Arc, Ghosts and Vodka, and the FireBird Band, An Automotive began its genesis. Hryniewicz and Bocek then recruited Jon Taccona on keyboards and Sidekick Kato's old bass player, Joe Campagna, on piano and organ and Ben Kane on drums. With the band lineup complete, An Automotive began recording their debut album. The multi-textured record was released on Six Gun Lover in September 2002. ~ Charles Spano

    Chicago, IL