Amadou & Mariam
Amadou & Mariam

Amadou & Mariam

About Amadou & Mariam

Malian musicians Mariam Doumbia and Amadou Bagayoko began their careers as members of one of Mali’s most popular Mande outfits, Les Ambassadeurs du Motel. After leaving Les Ambassadeurs in 1980 the two, now a married couple, continued to record and perform as a duo. Their 1985 release, SOU NI TILE, won them considerable attention in Europe thanks to Amadou’s deft guitar work and the couple’s tight harmonies. By the early ‘00s, the group had begun to incorporate elements of Middle Eastern and Cuban music into their work, and began attracting rock audiences with releases like 2008’s stylistically eclectic WELCOME TO MALI.

    Bamako, Mali

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