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Fe-Mail is a Norwegian avant-electronic duo. Its members, Maja Ratkje and Hild Sofie Tafjord, also play acoustic instruments as well as electronics in the improv quartet Spunk. While both Fe-Mail and Spunk use acoustic and electronic instruments, Fe-Mail sounds more like an electronic act than Spunk does; Fe-Mail's electronics often overwhelm the acoustic instruments, like pan pipes and harmonica, that they use. Both groups' pieces are improvised, however, and they often share a nervous, jittery quality. Fe-Mail is probably the noisier of the two outfits. Fe-Mail's first concert was in October 2000, and the duo has played throughout Europe since then, appearing with collaborators like Ingebrigt Flaten, Paal Nilsson-Love, and Jaap Blonk. The group has also collaborated with artists, dancers, and choreographers. Fe-Mail released its debut album, Syklubb fra Haelvete, in 2002. ~ Charlie Wilmoth