Alla Xul Elu

About Alla Xul Elu

A Midwestern American horrorcore trio, Ohio's Alla Xul Elu emerged in the early 2010s with a sound that looked to old school horror-rap enthusiasts like Twiztid, SyCkSyDe, and the Flatlinerz for inspiration. Featuring the talents of seasoned Juggalos and H.P. Lovecraft and Evil Dead aficionados Billy Obey, Joe Black, and Lee Carver, the group issued their independent debut album Head of Horns and follow-up Sci Co, Vol. 1 in 2015. The weed- and Cthulhu-themed concept LP Necronomichron arrived in 2017 and caught the attention of horrorcore heavyweight Majik Ninja Entertainment, who signed the trio the following and year and issued their fourth long-player Almighty.


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