Alexis y Fido
Alexis y Fido

Alexis y Fido

About Alexis y Fido

Alexis and Fido came together out of necessity when the producer of compilation album Desafio wanted them both but had room for only one track.

∙ Their breakout debut single, “Eso Ehh..!!!,” was featured in the TV series The Wire and Entourage.
∙ Alexis’ use of recorded dog barks in his mixes, plus his barking imitations onstage, earned them the nickname Los Pitbulls.
∙ Alexis appeared in the Jennifer Lopez-produced hip-hop movie Feel the Noise.
∙ Fido served in the US Army and participated in peacekeeping missions in Bosnia and Kosovo.
∙ In 2016, they partnered with ESPN to release “Si No Tiene El Swing” for the network’s Major League Baseball broadcasts.

    Cayey, Puerto Rico

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