Alex Lustig
Alex Lustig

Alex Lustig

About Alex Lustig

Belgian producer Alex Lustig has crafted beats for hip-hop heavyweights like Young Thug and Machine Gun Kelly and released ambient electronic records under his own name.

• Lustig began learning piano when he was eight. He studied classical music at a Belgian conservatory as a teenager.
• He initially made electronic beats inspired by Kanye West and Eminem and has found success producing songs for artists like Young Thug (2020’s “No Surprise”), Machine Gun Kelly (2019’s “Glass House”), and Baka Not Nice (2017’s “Live Up to My Name”).
• He produced half of rapper Hoodie Allen’s 2016 album Happy Camper.
• Struggles with anxiety led him to discover the ambient music that’s inspired his solo work. He released his debut EP, Pure, in 2016.
• In 2019, he teamed up with the Montreal electro-pop duo Milk & Bone for the joint EP DIVE.

    Antwerp, Belgium

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