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Mysterious and highly conceptual, New York City performer Aleister X first materialized with a series of EP releases in the late 2000s. After being involved with the recording of dub superstar Lee Perry's 2008 album Repentance, X's debut four-song EP, Bangers and Beans, arrived in late 2009, showcasing his strange hybrid of fried psychedelia and grimy U.K.-influenced street rap. Another EP, The Git, arrived in 2010, and Thong Beach followed in 2012. X had been honing his live show in the meantime, performing in black metal face paint makeup and incongruent stage clothes like boxing robes or basketball jerseys. A series of warped videos preceded Half-Speed Mastered, a proper full-length debut that arrived in early 2013, mixed by Andrew W.K. and released on his fledgling label, Steev Mike. He returned later that year with the holiday-themed single NSFW XMAS and then with sophomore album Keepin' It Real, which arrived in the spring of 2014. ~ Fred Thomas

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