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Berlin musician Alec Empire joined punk band Die Kinder at the tender age of 12. Four years later, he left both the band and punk behind to become a DJ. As founder of Atari Teenage Riot in 1992, he hit upon an outlet for his love of both, fusing the energy of punk with the ethos of dance to form a new genre of music, digital hardcore. After a seven-year run, the band split, leaving Empire free to concentrate on his solo work. Empire’s music embraced breakbeats and punk, with drum ‘n’ bass influences thrown into the mix. He also became a sought-after remixer for artists, including Björk and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. His legacy becomes nearly impossible to trace due to a mind-boggling assortment of pseudonyms: Death Funk, E.C.P., Jaguar, and Naomi Campbell among them.

West Berlin, Germany
May 2, 1972