Aldo Trujillo
Aldo Trujillo

Aldo Trujillo

About Aldo Trujillo

Aldo Trujillo began playing the keyboard at age four, picked up the guitar at nine, and composed his first song two years later.

∙ He garnered record label interest in 2014 after sharing a demo album—recorded at home with equipment found in the basement—on his social media channels.
∙ “Hoy Estoy Aquí,” one of Trujillo’s most popular songs, was inspired by the experience of being bullied about his weight as a child.
∙ His collaborators include norteño band LEGADO 7, singer-songwriter Natanael Cano, and hip-hop act Santa Fe Klan.
∙ His music videos have garnered a combined 100 million views online.

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