Al Wootton

About Al Wootton

A versatile South London-based producer, Al Wootton has worked in a wide variety of dance styles, most notably as Deadboy and his own name, among other monikers. First releasing material as Deadboy beginning in the late 2000s, he regularly turned out exceptional singles which managed to make upbeat, colorful garage/2-step anthems out of melancholy, sometimes downright heartbroken vocal samples. He also dipped into genres such as jungle, house, and ambient. Initially known for chopping up R&B vocal samples in his tracks, his work grew to incorporate his own vocals on his 2017 full-length Earth Body. Later discontinuing the Deadboy moniker and producing music as Al Wootton, he released the dubby full-length Witness in 2020, followed by club EPs such as 2022's Alandazu (with Azu Tiwaline).

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