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Al Walser

Al Walser

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A Grammy-nominated dance artist, Al Walser was born in Switzerland and began his music career as a DJ in the small country of Liechtenstein. After leaving a successful show on Radio Liechtenstein in 1998, Walser joined the second edition of Euro-dance group Fun Factory, performing with them as their 1999 single "Party with Fun Factory" climbed to the top of the dance charts in Japan. After leaving the group, he would work behind the scenes, playing a role in the Hamburg production team 33 before forming his own, Cut the Bull, which launched his syndicated radio show Al Walser's Weekly Top 20. In 2012, his single "I Can't Live Without You" was released, and while it found some success in European dance clubs and with his regular listeners, it caused a true stir when it was nominated in the Best Dance Recording category for the 2013 Grammy Awards. His overnight success caused cries of "ballot stuffing" amongst the EDM community, who pointed out this relative unknown was competing against fellow nominees Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, and Skrillex. Walser entertained all interviews about the subject and put forth his songwriting and networking skills as reasons for the nomination. ~ David Jeffries

  • BORN
    July 16, 1982

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