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About Al Pitrelli

Al Pitrelli is one of those musicians who just seems to be way too busy. He has played guitar for a myriad of artists through the years. In fact, he has been so active that one really wonders how he finds time to even breath between projects. His first recording was with Kathy Troccoli in 1991. The following year shows Pitrelli giving his first signs of being a workaholic. During 1992 he recorded with Asia, Expose, Taylor Dayne, and Widowmaker. That year was to set the standard and over the years, Pitrelli worked with artists covering a wide variety of ranges. He has been a member of such groups as Megadeth, Blue Öyster Cult (only as a temp for a month and a half), Savatage and that band's holiday spin off Trans Siberian Orchestra. He also has toured and recorded with Alice Cooper. ~ Gary Hill