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About AJ McLean

Best known as a member of the all-male pop group Backstreet Boys, singer AJ McLean is a singer/songwriter and performer in his own right. Born in West Palm Beach, FL, in 1978, McLean was a child actor and made his debut in 1986 in the film Truth or Dare. Other film roles followed and McLean eventually landed roles in several Nickelodeon shows, including Welcome Freshman and Hi Honey, I'm Home! One of the original members recruited by producer Lou Pearlman for the Backstreet Boys, McLean has been with the group since 1992. When not performing with the Backstreet Boys, McLean has sometimes performed under the pseudonym Johnny No Name. McLean performed several solo shows under his own name in 2008 and eventually began work on a full-length album featuring production by several artists including OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder. McLean's debut solo album, Have It All, was released in 2010. ~ Matt Collar