About ADULT.

The duo of Adam Lee Miller and Nicola Kuperus, Adult. channels existential anxiety into music and visuals that are sometimes humorous, sometimes experimental, but always dark. Serrated synths and beats and Kuperus' piercing sneer were the foundations of Adult.'s music, which began with the electro-techno forays of their early EPs and 2001 album Resuscitation and expanded to include punk, darkwave, industrial, and noise on later releases such as 2003's Anxiety Always and 2007's Why Bother? Later, the pair's scope encompassed ambitious projects that reflected their art school roots, such as a trilogy of horror movies and 2017's collaborative album Detroit House Guests, but even leaner, more danceable fare like 2018's This Behavior and 2022's Becoming Undone showed off Adult.'s experimental and conceptual strengths.

    Detroit, MI

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