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With the breakup of the neo-prog group Cathedral, keyboardist Todd Braverman formed Ad Infinitum with the dream of recreating the sound of an early-1970s progressive rock band along the likes of Yes and Genesis. Advertising in the Village Voice, Braverman met guitarist, songwriter, and fellow prog rock fanatic Craig Wall. While working various day jobs, the duo added keyboardist/vocalist Ilan Goldman. Finally, through another ad, Mike "Goose" Seguso joined the band as an additional vocalist. Working together for four years, Ad Infinitum recorded on instruments long abandoned by most rock musicians but essential to the prog rock sound, such as Hammond organs, Mellotrons, and Moog synthesizers. The resulting album was, as promised, a letter-perfect re-creation of the heyday of progressive rock with epic tracks, complex instrumentation, and time shifts. ~ Geoff Orens

Montreux, Switzerland