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New York's AceMo (Adrian Mojica) produces gritty, propulsive tracks that touch on a wide range of styles, from lo-fi house and techno to footwork and abstract hip-hop. He began releasing his most club-friendly material around 2018, and his track "Where They At???" became a staple of underground DJ sets in 2019. On releases like 2020's Mind Jungle and several collaborations with MoMa Ready as AceMoMa, he additionally explored deep, atmospheric drum'n'bass. AceMo first appeared with a series of eclectic releases on Bootleg Tapes. 2014's Boarders was a set of hazy instrumental hip-hop, while the following year's Redshift experimented with juke and other forms of bass music. Gold & Silver, an EP with Fugitive, appeared in 2016, and Black Populous, an album mainly consisting of heavy, tape hiss-saturated dance tracks, arrived in 2017. AceMo's self-titled EP, his first vinyl release, was issued by Michigan's Vanity Press Records in 2018, with his track "Get It from the Sound" particularly earning some attention. "Where They At???," a collaboration with Detroit's John FM from AceMo's 2019 album All My Life, made an even bigger impact, and the producer continued his prolific flow of releases, including the EPs Ace's Acid and Power and trance-influenced full-length Existential. He also teamed up with fellow New Yorker MoMa Ready as AceMoMa, switching between deep house and intelligent jungle on their 2019 self-titled EP. AceMo dove into the genre on his own with 2020's Mind Jungle, while AceMoMa continued their explorations on A New Dawn and EP2. AceMo's System Override, a brief EP of high-impact house and breakbeat tracks, appeared in June 2020. In August of that year, AceMo released I Want to Believe, as well as the EP C'mon Les' Go, a collaboration with Les Sins (aka Toro y Moi). ~ Paul Simpson