Abstract Mindstate

About Abstract Mindstate

Abstract Mindstate the MOD (Misfitz of Dialogue) was comprised of MCs Ice Gre and Ebony Poetess the Hellcat. Mindstate formed at Jackson State in Mississippi, where Gre and EP helped form the Stewpot Stowaways, a hip-hop crew comprised of "outcasts," or individuals who were originally from the Jackson area. The Stewpot Stowaways collective also featured David Banner and Kamikaze, who would go on to form Crooked Lettaz. In 2001, Kamikaze appeared on We Paid Let Us In!, Abstract Mindstate's debut album for 404 Entertainment. With songs like "Equiponderance," "Taoism," and "The Art of Speaking," Abstract Mindstate aligned itself with the consciousness of the underground hip-hop movement. But despite its independent release, We Paid featured innovative production that reached beyond the nebulous boundaries of the underground movement. In late 2002, Ice Gre contributed to Gravel Records' Chicago Project: 100% Chicago Hip Hop. ~ Johnny Loftus

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