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Awesome City Club

Awesome City Club

About Awesome City Club

Awesome City Club began as a collaboration between Matsuzaka Katumi (who has since departed) and vocalist/guitarist Hiroshi Atagi.

∙ All of their members have nicknames: Hiroshi Morishima (Big Ben), Hiroshi Atagi (Eyes of Tiger, Night of Fire), Miho Toshida (NYLON), and Yukie Oshiro (Baby Baby Baby).
∙ In 2014, their song “Lesson” was featured in The Guardian’s 11 Must-Listen New Tracks From Around the World.
∙ They cite the bands Foster the People and Phoenix as influences.
∙ They appeared on the June 2015 cover of Japan’s Music Magazine, in an issue entirely devoted to the J-pop subgenre “city pop.”

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