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7 Minutes In Heaven

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A melodic pop-punk combo with an uplifting vibe and staunchly Midwestern work ethic, Chicago's 7 Minutes in Heaven (7MIH) were formed in 2012 by Washington native Timmy Rasmussen, originally as a vehicle for his solo work. Later growing into a quartet, the band found their first chart success in 2015 with the Side Effects EP, greatly boosting their visibility.

Rasmussen released the seven-song Get in the Van in 2013 before turning his solo project into a more democratic effort with the addition of co-vocalist/bassist Alex Rogers and guitarist Justin Mondzak. Setting the table with their 2014 EP The Statement, 7MIH returned a year later with a follow-up EP, Side Effects, which proved to be a breakout release, reaching number one on Billboard's Alternative New Artists chart. In early 2017, the band inked its first label deal with Italian indie Rude Records, simultaneously adding a new member into the fold with drummer Brennan Gilbert. The newly minted quartet issued Symmetry, their first EP for the label, in late 2017.

    Chicago, IL

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