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About Jaime Roos

Singer/songwriter Jaime Roos' first influence was his uncle, a professional singer who used to invite him to jazz clubs where the artist started feeling a real passion for music. At the age of 12 he had his first guitar lesson, later taking classic guitar lessons. In 1969 he formed his own band, called Los Robbers. At the age of 21, the singer decided to pursue a solo career and moved to Spain, where Roos composed for the first time. The following years weren't easy. While living in Paris it was necessary to take any possible job just to survive. In 1977 his first album, called Candombe Del 31, was released, followed by Para Espantar El Sueño, whci combined rock and Latin rhythms such as milonga, bolero, and tango. After living in Holland, Jaime Roos returned to Uruguay, touring the country in 1993 while issuing a compilation called Primeras Páginas. In the year 2000, Contraseñas was released. ~ Drago Bonacich