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About 6 Dogs

Rapper 6 Dogs was born Chase Amick in 1999. He grew up in various locales in Georgia and was raised in a strict Christian household. He began rapping and recording his own original tracks as a teenager, but kept them secret from his extremely religious mother, whom he still lived with. He uploaded a few songs onto a SoundCloud account in late 2016, with his track "Flossing" going viral. Still just 17, going to high school, and living under his parents' roof, Amick couldn't keep his rising fame from his mother for long and when she found out about his music and rapper lifestyle, she grounded him indefinitely. Still allowed to record, he released "Faygo Dreams" in March of 2017, and the druggy, trap-inflected single was streamed millions of times within a few months of its release. He continued to explore his increasingly darker style with more tracks, including "Chutup" in the summer of 2017. ~ Fred Thomas

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