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A multifaceted musical presence, English singer, songwriter, guitarist, serial collaborator, and record label head Jane Weaver has performed both solo and with the groups Kill Laura (Britpop) and Misty Dixon (retro-kissed indie pop). Weaver released five singles (two of which were via Polydor) with Kill Laura between 1993 and 1996 before embarking on a solo career, issuing her debut EP, Like an Aspen Leaf, in 2001. She formed Misty Dixon the following year (the same year she founded her own Bird Records, an imprint of Finders Keepers) and released Iced to Mode in 2003. Her sophomore outing, Seven Day Smile, arrived in 2006, followed by Cherlokalate in 2007, The Fallen by Watchbird in 2010, and the Krautrock-infused The Silver Globe in 2014. In 2015 Weaver issued a deluxe reissue of the critically acclaimed The Silver Globe, which included a complete second album titled The Amber Light. Later that same year, she released a one-sided private-press album called Neotantrik Globes, which featured Suzanne Ciani, Sean Canty, and Andy Votel deconstructing and reassembling songs from The Silver Globe. Her next album, 2017's Modern Kosmology, continued to explore synthesizers and dream pop, and featured an appearance by Can's Malcolm Mooney. ~ James Christopher Monger

Manchester, England

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