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Beachwood Sparks members Dave Scher and Jimi Hey formed All Night Radio in 2002, following Hey's return to the Beachwood Sparks lineup after a five-year break. The project was named in honor of Scher's late-night radio days. Back in 1995, long before the two became bandmates in Beachwood Sparks, Hey (who was 16 at the time) would call in to Scher's show on KXLU every night and request Six Finger Satellite. Scher and Hey viewed All Night Radio as a vehicle for some of their more adventurous musical ideas, which translated into a sound that gave a nod to acts of the prog rock (particularly Yes) and arena rock persuasion. The duo released one full-length album, Spirit Stereo Frequency, in 2004, and amicably called it quits soon after. Five years later, Scher (working under the name Farmer Dave Scher) would put out a solo album, Flash Forward to the Good Times, that shared much of the spirit of his work with All Night Radio. ~ TiVo Staff

    Los Angeles, CA

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