3 Cold Men - Top Songs

Red Brain
Crossing Waters
Babies (Are Not My Friends...)
The Rain On Seattle
Shabbat Mater
Written Upon the Portrait of My Dead Father
I Need to Know
She, Butcher
The Rain On Seattle (3 CM's Royal Straight/Flushed Straight RMX)
Your Face
Fade to Grey
J'ai Le Sentiment
Le Vent D'avril
I'm Afraid
Ennemis Spheriques
Heavy Smile
The Four Horsemen
Effie, Lady Berry !
L' Hallali
C' Was...
Perfect Clone
Crossing Waters (Unmasked RMX by XPQ21)
My Greatest Greta
Truth (Dust of Basement Sven Wolf Remix)
Your Face (3Cm's Club Mix)
The Tower (People Theatre Closer Mix)
3 Cold Men (Celluloide Remix Illustre)
Don'T Pretend (Beat Lancaster's Mix)
Don'T Pretend (Nocivo Mix)
My Greatest Greta (3Cm's Dubious Dancing King 54 Remix)
Truth (Foretaste Extended Mix)
The Tower (Overflow 110 Remix)
X-Fragile (Peter Elliot Remix)
Change of Life (Nouvelle Culture Nervous Remix)
I Need You (Wehbba Turns the Light Off Remix)
The Tower (G-Pro Climbing Remix)
Change of Life
All You Got Will Be Static
I Need You
No One'S Face
The Tower
The 3 Cold Men
Don'T Pretend