About 2PM

2PM entered the K-pop scene known as a "beastly” boy band with a hard-hitting music style that combined pop, hip-hop, and R&B, with choreography that showcased acrobatic moves.

• The members of 2PM were part of a larger group known as One Day, whose K-pop training days were recorded in a documentary. By the end of the series, One Day was split into the high-energy 2PM and the ballad group 2AM.
• 2PM has a unique multinational point of view. Group member Nichkhun was raised by Chinese-Thai parents in the United States and Thailand. Taecyeon also spent time living in America.
• In 2013, 2PM showcased their maturity with the Grown album, which delved into sexy R&B. The 2014 single “Go Crazy!” spotlighted their party-boy side.
• While “My House” was a sizable hit upon initial release in 2015, the funk-dance track saw a resurgence in 2020, when its music video began surging in popularity, inspiring next-generation K-pop stars like Stray Kids, ATEEZ, and WOODZ to learn and perform its choreography.

    Seoul, South Korea

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