Formed in Japan in 1991, Super Junky Monkey was never as popular in their homeland as they were in the United States, where they focused most of their publicity and touring. Featuring the charismatic Mutsumi Takahashi on vocals, Keiko on guitar, Shinobu Kawai on bass, and the creatively named Matsudaaahh!! on drums, the band floated around the Japanese underground making a unique blend of metal, rap, and indie rock until they decided to record a live album, 1993's Cabbage. The album saw an American release, where it was enthusiastically praised in the press. Realizing the potential of an American audience, they focused on getting an American record deal, eventually signing with Sony. They managed to release four official albums until the surprising death of Takahashi in 1999. The band was crushed, and opted not to continue without their singer. A greatest-hits package entitled Songs Are Our Universe was released on Condor Records in 2001. ~ Bradley Torreano

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