About 10cm

The folk-pop duo 10cm found fame in South Korea with a sweet, lilting sound inspired by American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz.

• The group was founded by high school buddies Kwon Jung Yeol (vocals, djembe) and Yoon Cheol Jong (guitar). The name 10cm references the height difference between the two.
• 10cm broke through with the 2010 single "Americano," a love letter to the titular caffeinated beverage. They followed that with hits like 2011's "Hug Me” and 2012's "Sorrow."
• The band is notable for its use of djembe, a type of West African drum.
• 10cm’s sense of humor is evident in their super-straightforward album titles: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0. They also released the EPs The First EP and The Second EP.
• Yoon Cheol-jong quit the band in 2017 for health reasons, leaving Kwon Jung-yeol to carry the 10cm banner as a solo artist.


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