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4.6 out of 5
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45 Ratings

Flibberdejibit ,

Still strong after all these years...

After a four year hiatus from their last (and somewhat disappointing) studio album Blender, the guys from Atlanta are back with two new band members and a refreshed sound. Being a huge fan of Collective Soul since Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid, I was extremely happy to see that they had pulled back together for a new studio album. And, I have to say, what a great job they did. This is not the Collective Soul of the past...though you can certainly hear their riff-rock hooks in there plain as day. This album is more "pop" than their previous albums, but holy cow do these songs stick in your head! Check out Better Now, Home, Him, Counting the Days, and General Attitude to see what I mean. Ed Roland's vocals are better than ever, and they really seem to have experimented with some new, yet retro sounds on this album, There's a Way being a notable example. I LOVE this album...not a single stinker on there. Saxophone in a rock song? HECK YEAH! Pick it up!

Tiago720 ,

It Will Blow You Away!!

You can't go wrong with a Collective Soul album. Those who have been following these guys from the start will back me up when I say these guys know how to make music. When was the last time you heard and album where all the songs could be singles? Been a while!
Since the departure of their guitar player, the band has put out maybe their best album yet; only to prove it is their frontman, Ed Roland, the man with the virtue and the inspiration . Not to mention this is the furthest an independent release has gone ever (to my knowledge).
Catchy melodies, power riffs and great lyrics is what this album is all about. If you are looking for a great rock album, one of those albums that will be part of your top ten forever... this is it!

hmrockrNJ ,

It just won't wear off

I've owned this album for well over a year, and it continues to brighten my day and rock my world without ever getting "old" or "tired". Some have said that this is a new direction for Collective Soul, but I see it as an evolution of an already-innovative sound which explores new production techniques, quirky sounds that actually "fit" musically and turn out to not be quirky at all (as CS has always done), excellent lyrics and unforgettable melodies. I've been a "marginal" fan of Collective Soul over the years, but this album has become the most-played in my collection, and darn it, I can't help but CRANK it when "Better Now" comes around on my playlists. Great, feel-good rock, without ever stooping too low or trying to reach into the high-and-mighty pretentious. Excellent work, dudes...I can't wait for the next one, and I'm sure when the next one comes out, this one will still be tops in my collection.

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