Your Feature Performer is Wasted

Your Feature Performer is Wasted

What Erik Allen lost in weight and hair between his 2011 EP and his 2012 album he makes up for in laughs. Your Feature Performer Is Wasted opens with Allen admitting that though he enjoys drinking, he doesn’t like to patronize most L.A. bars because he can’t stand the smell of Axe body spray. Like comedian Nick Swardson, Allen can turn stories of libation abuse into sidesplitting stand-up. But Allen’s self-deprecating humor is where he really shines. There’s a really good bit about how his drunk alter ego is a better cook than his sober self, and how his dignity and self-respect can be bought from his drunk self for a mere 20 bucks. You’ll also learn about bad-idea cocktails such as the “Ranch Daniels” and how late-night dipsomaniacal shenanigans can no longer be denied because everyone has video cameras on their mobile phones. Allen also makes a pretty convincing argument for Waldo (from Where’s Waldo?) being an alcoholic.

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