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200 Ratings

Noodleloo ,

Better with age!

What can I say, Silverchair just gets better as they get older. Their 5th cd is quite experimental, even for Silverchair standards. Each track has a completely different sound than the track before it. A few favorites are the catchy first single, Straight Lines, the odd but delightful If You Keep Losing Sleep and the musicalesque Those Thieving Birds. Silverchair was not afraid to take risks on this album. The boys don't forget their elders either, as the influence of older bands is apparent. Daniel John's guitar skills are showcased on Low, where you might be reminded of Eric Clapton. All Across the World has a certain Beatles feel. Every track is a gem, but keep an open mind because the new stuff is different than most of the other music they have come out with before, for that matter different than most music out there...but still golden! Daniel's vocals are showcased on Reflections of a Sound and Waiting All Day, where you will just want to sit and daydream, where Ben and Chris get to show their talent on Straight Lines and Young Modern Station. For those long time Silverchair fans, the track The Man That Knew Too Much and Young Modern Station should keep them satisfied. For those that are recent fans, Those Thieving Birds and Reflections of a Sound should keep them happy.The new album came out a few months ago in Australia and has been available for preview on chairpage.com. I have patiently waited for the US release, and now that day is here! Don't miss out on one of the best albums of 2007, or possibly in your music collection.


We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto...

This, ladies and gents, is not Frogstomp. It is, on the other hand, GENIUS. This is what it sounds like to create art. I'm sick of battling against the Frogstomp purists. Comparing Young Modern or Diorama to Frogstomp is about as logical as comparing Sgt. Peppers to Meet the Beatles, or Kid A to Pablo Honey. (And if that confuses you, it's no wonder you don't like the new stuff.) Hearing SILVERCHAIR'S masterpiece Diorama was like Dorothy walking out of her black and white house into the technicolor world of Oz. Along those lines, if Diorama is Oz, Young Modern is the Emerald City. It's the sound everything culminated in the journey brought together into a focussed purity. This is the band's most eclectic work, and next to Diorama, their best. "If You Keep Losing Sleep" is Queen meets Danny Elfman, "The Man That Knew Too Much" chanels Bowie in it's glam-rock sexiness, and "Low" brings the melody and harmonies to make Brian Wilson proud. This album is by far the best to come out in 07, and definately one of the best of the decade. If Frogstomp is your thing, that's great. But don't even bother comparing. They were 15 for one thing. If innovative, genre-bending, over-the-top rock masterpieces sound interesting to you...then why haven't you bought it yet???

recluseaudio ,

Amazing Record

Nothing I hate more than bad reviews of great records.
Young Modern is an Awesome record. Way deeper than it sounds, on purpose.
All the people that are looking to hear Frogstomp, or Freakshow... move on, its not for you. Go find some more Nirvana and Soundgarden, (great bands, but not found in this sound).

Young Modern is a HUGE departure from the last few records, but stands on its own.
Not a bad track on it. Stand outs are " If you keep losing sleep" Those Theiving Birds" (all three parts), and Low. Though every track is amazing.

Straight Lines is EPIC. It sounds very simple, but the build up is phenomenal.

I wouldnt compare it to crap like Franz Ferdenand or whatever like other users did... but I can see where they (other people) come from.

Bands need to grow, and Silverchair amazes me with Every Single Turn.

Thank you Daniel, Chris, and Ben.
I needed something fresh and new, and you gave it to me, by giving me some new views on older music.


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