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16 Ratings

tr51215rt ,

Lackluster, ballad-heavy collection

This album tends to favor Burton's ballad side. After a solid "Albert Flasher", the program bogs down with a bunch of slow dirges. He could have gone deep into the Guess Who catalog for material that lends itself to a solo piano setting, like the jazzy "Nashville Sneakers" (from Rockin') or the haiku-like "Eye" (from Flavours); instead, he plays it safe. Vocally, he does OK within his diminished range, but it's definitely not Live At The Paramount. In the CD liner notes, Cummings is in a pensive mood, nostalgic for the pre-stardom days with The Deverons. This wistful vibe carries into the performance as a whole. Burton was never really meant to be a solo artist; he did his best work when he had a Randy Bachman, Kurt Winter or Domenic Troiano to bounce ideas off. If you're a Guess Who completist or you like the mellower side of Burton, you'll enjoy this; otherwise, pass it up.

jillybean 47 ,


I own this album, very good. Please, put his Sweet Sweet album on iTunes.

mgilkey ,

Mostly for completists

Unfortunately, by the time Cummings recorded this album, he had lost quite a bit of his voice. Instead of hitting the high notes, he constricts his throat, generating a rather annoying, edgy sound. You'll hear much the same on the album "Running Back Through Canada", recorded a few years later with a re-united Guess Who. (That album is still well worth getting, however!)

I enjoy this album, both for the music and for what Cummings says between songs. And if you're a big fan of Cummings and the Guess Who, you'll probably enjoy it, too. But if you're not already a fan, this won't make you one.

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