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idontknow ,

Don't Complain

I have 48 Two Steps on my iPod. This makes 49.
That is one of my favorite songs of all time. Each and every one is different from the last, and will be different from the next.

You must clearly not know what you're talking about if you say this is just more of the same. This is the first released DMB show without Roi. Jeff Coffin magically filled in on sax, and his presence is clear. This tour had no Butch-- again-- we can tell.

Don't complain about more of the same when we're getting new material.

Sure we've seen 1000 SMTS>>ASTB>>TM, but each one is different. If you just buy the album to look at, then you'll think youv'e got the same stuff. But if you buy the music to listen, you'll love it. Every single DMB album is stellar (even if Piedmont's mix is no good).

A must-own for Dave fans, and definitely great for all others. But newcomers to the band might want to start with CP, RR, or LT5.

But before you moan about the same old stuff, take a listen. It's not that we're not getting an album because of new live releases-- we're getting new live releases because they're touring. And I'd rather see them tour then spend months in studio.


FunnyTheWayItIs6 ,

Great music, but now minus one star sax player.

We miss you Leroi.

DMB Hardcore ,

Haters be warned

Okay i just read the first couple of reviews and i had to stop not only was i laughing my face off but also because i had to stand up for my man Dave!!! I was front row for this concert, waited in line since 4:30 am and was the first to enter the park. This show was simply amazing and for the people who say the crowd wasn't in to it i say.... JUST LISTEN!!! Dave was electric and if you can't tell the crowd wasn't jamming out then you are not a true DMB fan. Listen to Dave scatting on Jimi Thing and tell me he wasn't into. And after Thank You the crowd continued to sing after the band left for a good 15 minutes but it couldn't fit on cd. O and as for user freshfresh thats Tim Reynolds on guitar not Dave......LOL!!!! So don't hate what you don't truly understand

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