12 Songs, 1 Hour 54 Minutes


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4.5 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

Paste & Plato ,

I am waiting for this one ever since seeing the show

This was a fantastic tour with all band members near top of their game. Happy to see the finished product looks and sounds like the show we saw. I was waiting for and talking about this one for quite some time as several members our our family have a real love for the band. Since seeing this set appear on release lists, it was like a calling to get hit and hit play. Finally possible.

RealDT85 ,


While the performance has bright spots, it didn’t hold up well to me overall. On the plus side, Rabin-era material has never sounded better and crisp. Also, Jon and Rick sound at the top of their game. The intro jams to the songs were very welcoming too. There are certain things that almost killed this live performance was the added cheer/applause track. Somehow the crowd was hanging on every note? Doubtful. At normal Yes shows, the crowd is immersed and not that quick. The band sounded tight, Lee on bass commands Chris’ bass lines with precision and class too. The drummer is decent for the most part, but seems to trip up on certain parts of song from Alan, and Bill too.

Another factor, Trevor struggles with Steve’s parts in certain songs and it’s too apparent. His changes can have a fresh approach, including in “Awaken” where he handles it well. There are other ones where he tries too hard to twist atmosphere into electricity and mucks up the song: “And You And,“ “Heart of the Sunrise” and “Long Distance Runaround.”

If you have Apple Music, just stream it and if you’re on the fence don’t grab it. As a Yes fan, you won’t be disappointed, but you’ll be reaching for the previous live albums with the current and past line-ups, including Union and AWBH to help your ears. This live performance is solid, but nothing spectacular at all.

Yes Fan 90125 ,

Not bad but not Yes.

I'm a huge Rabin fan (he's my fave guitarist in music history), so I really wanted to like this. But ARW's members have really soured me on the whole experience by, first of all, bashing Yes (the band they all quit a combined eight times) in the press over and over and then, finally, using the band name without permission of the real Yes. It's not good PR. Of course there are some fans who only like bands which have Jon Anderson in them so they will like this. It's really not a bad album but I think a lot of Yes purists do not like the way Rabin covers the many songs on here originally played by Yes guitarist Steve Howe (who is still in the real Yes). The same kind of thing can be said for the drummer on this album and even many of the keyboard parts are too off base from the original recordings by Yes. So, that's the problem I have with much of this album. The Rabin era songs are nice to hear in a new live release but, as a whole, the album is off-putting to many Yes purists and I can certainly hear why. Also, as many have said, there is a lot of extra overdubbed crowd noise on this album. (Or, if it is real, it's mixed way too loud in most places.) My suggestion: buy maybe one or two of your fave songs from this and then move on, as I did. No need to waste your money on this entire album. Better to buy the new live album from the real Yes which is called "Topographic Drama". It was released last year around Thanksgiving and is tremendously good! And it's by the Yes which was founded in 1968, unlike the band here which was founded in 2010. The genuine Yes still features drummer Alan White, who has been in the band since 1972 and Steve Howe who joined in 1970 (plus Geoff Downes, Billy Sherwood and Jon Davison, who, combined, have been in Yes far longer and have played on many more Yes albums than this fake ARW Yes). Original Yes bassist, Chris Squire, was the only person to have been in Yes for their whole history until he named Sherwood as his replacement shortly before his passing in 2015. All of this makes the band you will hear on this recording the fake Yes. So, don't be fooled! Buyer beware!