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35 Ratings

AcidJazzBird ,

Guitar Gods, BOW YOUR HEADS!!!!!

Jeff Beck is without question my favorite guitarist in any realm. His chameleon like ability to fit his sound into any genre (Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Pop) is just unrivaled. I have often thought that Eddie VanHalen could pick up this record with his guitar pyrotechnics and possibly could do something as successful as a solo artist in this genre.

Jeff has always forged the future with his Stratocaster, and this album is no different. He changed his band again. His newest line up is as great as any of his previous efforts, guiding him into a great new genre of Electronica. "There and Back" was a nice entry some 20 some years ago. Now with the great brand new technology and remix programmers, he explodes into future with grace and ease. Its amazing to know that a 60+ guitar god that is credited for creating the "Heavy Metal" sound before Led Zepplin, is now forging the next generation of laptop musicians, giving them validity with his unrivaled abilities.

Stand out tracks for me are "Dirty Mind", "Loose Cannon", "Roys Toy", "Earthquake" and "Rosebud". But seriously guys, there is no "weak" track on this project. Jeff Beck is a treasure to behold when he puts down the Sparkplug Wrench and comes out from under his cars. I guess he needed some extra cash for that fancy carborator for his Hemi or something. Buy This Project, you won't be disappointed.

Image_Ingy ,


The trio of albums that Jeff put out starting in 1999 with 'Who Else!' (You Had It Coming is the 2nd of the threesome), are remarkable.
I was fortunate enough to see this tour live, with Jennifer Batten, and JB left huge crowds of guitarists slack-jawed.
I read that through the 90's Jeff got increasingly fed up with 'pop' music and the industry as a whole.
Then, he heard the band Prodigy. Their snotty, hyper-fueled Dance Metal inspired him, and led to his dabbling in Electronica.
And of course, he steered it into entirely new realms. I believe only Vernon Reid is capable of fusing Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Funk and Soul
the way Jeff Beck can. But Vernon lacks some of JB's sense for simplicity and emotion. Jeff remains at the head of the pack,
leaving fans, and other guitar gods, shaking their heads in disbelief.
This album is as classic an example of his stunning talent and vision as any. Download immediately!
-Evanston Ingy

Beck Bird Chicago ,

The Master Has Done It Again!

Since the mid-60's, Jeff Beck remains my favorite guitarist. No one can move me the quite way he does. He has dabbled in all genres...and excelled in each area! This is an excellent cd...Nadia is especially exquisite. For those of you Beck "newbies", I strongly recommend you listen to Blow By Blow, Truth, Beckola, Wired and Beck, Bogert & Appice for true musical enlightenment. I have passed along Beck's music to my children (in their 30's) and grandchildren (in their early teens) and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...they absolutely love him too! Open your ears to the master!

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