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Sue Paulus ,


Remember when you first heard Seal....
after resonating with his unique beautiful voice, you then realized, after listening to the whole CD in order,
that you heard a collection of songs intentionally placed that took you on your own journey each time you listened.
That there was an arch, and when you finished listening, you felt like you listened to a story...and got a glimpse
into the singer and songwriter.

He did it again. Seal wrote most of the songs, and it is so evident.
And David Foster produced. (need I say more)

The songs stand on their own, but roll into each other seamlessly...
There are songs that are reflective, and there are songs that you want to sing with after the first listening.

For everyone there is a song that will touch you, remind you, inspire you, make you want to get up and move,
and just be grateful for the gift of music and Seal's open heart and passion.

Committment is Passion.....among many other emotions.
Thankyou Seal.

Sealfan91 ,

Seal is back!

Really a great mix of songs that harken back to Seal I and II with a balance of melancholy and positive pieces. Especially liked the blending of the first two pieces, "If I'm Any Closer" and "Weight of My Mistakes," felt like old Seal. Throughout the album there is great layering of instruments (no doubt the David Foster influence) that had been lacking on Amazing. Really recommend this album (can't just buy one song to get the effect of a Seal album) and I can't wait for a tour.

Neskowin63 ,

These 5 Star Ratings are laughable!

Any "REAL" Seal fan would definitely notice the severe decline in his music compared to his first 3 releases. The edge is gone. The excitement is gone. The fact that David Foster produced this says it all. Nothing against Foster. He's a great producer and musician. But he's hardcore pop...NOT...progressive....what SEAL used to be.
Listening to this just makes me sad and depressed. The song that really upset and nauseated me was the song from his previous album "Wedding Day". I almost barfed when I heard that miserable song.

I guess I'm saying goodbye to Seal and his music. It's a shame.

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