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14 Ratings

o grouchomarxista ,

Notes from a veterano

I owned this LP ( what’s an LP??) when Jimi Hendrix was still alive, back in 1966. This was NOT the record album, the recording was called “ Flashing”, and credited only to Curtis Knight and the Squires. Jimi , as you Hendrix fanatics well know , was as much an R&B/ pre- funk era guitarist as he was the innovative and original guitar legend we all know. Gloomy Monday was the centerpiece song to hear Jimi’s trademark harmonies that separated him from his rock oriented contemporaries ( Clapton , Page, Lee,even Beck). Let me sum up. Hendrix was a sideman and Curtis Knight a journeyman Soul/R&B performer- but I PREFER soul music to rock, and Jimi was also a soul man, so speak. Songs like Electric Ladyland, Drifting, and Angel, as well band of Gypsies bear this out. ( as well other tunes). This cd is an old R&B recording with a few nice tracks, and then spiced up w live items and outtakes. A nice historical perspective, and you see Hendrix R&B chordal approach, that , coupled with Mitch Mitchell’s Elvin Jones jazz style drums, gave Hendrix an even bigger edge as a creative artists than the rest of the cats at the time.

hopi22 ,

Pretty neat.

I've been a Hendrix fanatic for years. I have boatloads of bootlegs,but I always avoided this Curtis Knight material. I decided to buy this one finally,and it's pretty good. Even though Jimi was not *running the show* at this point in his life,you can hear plenty of good riffing. "Knock Yourself Out" and "Station Break" are some nice showcases for Jimi.


Interesting look at Jimi before the big time

I enjoyed listening to this just to hear the early roots of Jimi's later work...here and there you'll be listening and catch a riff or chord that you recognize from the Experience years. For Hendrix junkies like me you'll enjoy the reference material, but standing on its own merits, although it's not bad by any means this album has nothing to recommend it or make it stand out.

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