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4.9 out of 5
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20 Ratings

I, Phantom ,


If memories could be recorded as sound, this would most definitely be it. Any track on this album, at any moment of your day. Perfect balance of strings, percussion, and guitar make this one of a kind. Go to track one, hit play, and go revisit the things you thought you forgot.

photoxninja ,


You Are There, is arguably MONO's best record; blending the mystical, devastating, and immense textures of sound that make up MONO's style of ambient post-rock. It's a record where you can push play on "Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain" and continue to enjoy it, even with the eardrum shattering distortion of "Yearning", to the calming retrospective of "Are You There?", to the beauty and overwhelming openness of "Moonlight". Listen to this record, it's worth your while.

Chema Blix ,

This is it......

I discovered MONO with "Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky", I was really impressed and glad to hear a band with a different aproach to semi-progressive-alternative music...their deep sound and almost dramatic tunes interested me very much so I started to follow them through.

The "You Are There" album is a celebration of several years of work.......the end result is complete purity, close to perfection, they have grown into a more structure melodies and armony with skilled performance......from the extraordinary "Moonlight" which is porbably the best tune I have listened from them so far, to the delicate sound of "Are You There" all the way to the tremendous sound voyage of "Yearning"........the rest of the songs are superve as well, powerful and yet dramatic and profound.

I can not agree more with must of the reviews........only thing I will like to see is more of them, bands like MONO should have more exposure on todays crazy world of music.......

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