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4.9 out of 5
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18 Ratings

Chasercise ,

Darkened Beulah

This is an astonishing album. Relatable to Wilco's push from Summerteeth to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, it seems like Beulah is discovering what kind of music they really want to make here while not denying their roots. Don't be put off by the darkened atmosphere, Yoko, like YHF, is an album that takes careful listening to. This a wonderful piece of work, and I suggest the album in it's entirety. Every single song is good!

BeulahHearter ,

Stunning. Beulah's best album. Actually, best album ever.

No kidding, this is the best album I've ever heard, hands down. Better than Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, better than earlier Beulah outings. However, not everyone will get Yoko. Spin it ten times and you might still be totally lost. I'm probably well past the one-hundred mark, and I still discover something new every time. No mis-steps, just perfect. Beulah practiced it for seven months before recording it (in one take, no less; no overdubbing this time) and it shows: each song feels complete and well
thought-out, but the music itself feels spontaneous. This album was a bit of a response to many of the band members breaking up, but on the whole, it doesn't feel angry, like Wilco's a ghost is born. Instead, it feels oddly energized, seasoned to perfection. If you ignore everything I just said, let me sum it up:

Best album ever.

Stunning and breath-taking.

Complex and dark, sophisticated and well-planned.

Buy it NOW.

McGripington4077 ,

There's A Sound Worth Hearing Here

Beulah inhabits a unique region of sound that's not often touched upon by many artists. The album shares various similiarties to groups of the same genre - Wilco comes to mind. For some, this will be an album that really seals the deal for the uninitiated of Beulah's sound. The darkened melodies project a sensibility of dealing with many of life's difficult issues, while at the same time, managing to be an effective mosaic of passion that's clear through the vocals and a familiar emphasis on the combination of piano and guitar which segues into a comfortable back beat of the drum and rhythm guitar. Beulah's sound is essential to the "indie" movement - it represents an almost transcendental passage of the mind and body to the heart and voice of music. Though they do not seem heavy handed, they are truly a band worthy of giving a listen. "Yoko" is truly an album capable of serving all musical tastes

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