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Purple paints the ladies as sassy, confident vocalists.


Purple paints the ladies as sassy, confident vocalists.


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4.6 out of 5
57 Ratings

57 Ratings

mamamoofan1234 ,


BITCHC THIS HAD MY WEAVE SNATCHED IM SHOOK I LOVE MAMAMOO!! follow me on instagram @rad.girlgroups 😍

Frfrgrhdt ,

Definitely Different from Typical Mamamoo

I love this album! As a fan of Mamamoo primarily for their more old school-sounding songs, they did a great job doing something more modern. 'Aze Gag' reflects their off-the-wall personalities well, and the clever-but-cringeworthy lyrics about dad jokes were interesting. MoonByul's solo sounds beautiful, and something many moomoos have been waiting for since it was performed at the moosical. Her vocal talents have potential to be even better, and RBW should continue to train her for vocals. Very impressive. 'Yes I Am,' the title track, is very charming and gets better and better every time I listen to it. The vocals were great, MoonByul's aggressive rapping coupled with Hyejin's added a powerful tone, and the instrumental was layered well. As expected from Mamamoo, the song quality is outstanding. And finally, we have 'Finally.' The song is very refreshing, and reminds me of Taeyeon's songs, which I personally am a HUGE fan of. This song is my favorite by far, because of the good use of filters throughout the song and the incredibly dynamic backing track. It also feels quite ambient and open, which gives a very free sensation to the listener. As always, Mamamoo exceeds my expectations. 💜

Lalahate ,

always amazing mamamoo!

From the first listen I loved Finally and Yes I Am which are the fresh and fun summer bops of the tracklist. Moonbyul's solo Love & Hate finally gave us the chance to hear her beautiful singing. Age Gag has hilarious lyrics made of dad jokes, and Da Ra Da is one of the most soothing and beautiful songs I've ever heard. All in all, every single song on this mini album is fun to listen to and I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone 💜