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7 Ratings

Tyrion Archer ,

Definitely the preferred version of the DoFP soundtrack.

See this, Fox? THIS is what a soundtrack looks like. Basically all of the music from the movie, minus a few cues here and there. Not just random excerpts from a few "key scenes". Jeez.

Anyway, if you weren't a fan of the original Days of Future Past soundtrack due to its ommitance of a lot of good music, I think you'll find satisfaction here. Days of Future Past was a fantastic film with an amazing score by John Ottman (who also scored X2) that deserves to be heard in its full glory. The Rogue Cut soundtrack includes some music not heard in the theatrical cut of the film but specifically in the new "Rogue Cut" extended edition. Not just that, but it expands the score of the theatrical cut and includes a lot of great cues that weren't on the OST, like "Charles and Charles" and the film version of the Main Theme. John Ottman has done a few of these "Expanded Scores" in the past for X2 and Superman Returns, but those were all limited edition; this is a rare one that's being given a much wider range of availability. And at only $12.99, the price is not bad at all.

If you like the X-Men: Days of Future Past soundtrack, THIS is the version to get. Just a bit of nitpicking, though: the OST has a couple tracks that are not on here, like the film version of "Time's Up" and another version of the opening titles theme which, while not the same as the film version that is included on here, is a really cool take on the theme. If you've already bought the OST beforehand, both versions are worth keeping. BUT THIS VERSION IS WAY BETTER.

Kree0727 ,

Closer to The movie

Now these one is much closer to the movie then the other

Some Random Dude Here ,

Time in a bottle??

If this is a full soundtrack, where is 'Time in a Bottle'??

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