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4.6 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

Triumph of Principles ,

Steaming pangs

A'soldiering through a radioactive netherworld. Burnt by the caustic sprays, and undaunted keeping onward to the awaiting pristine forest stronghold. Clipped and twisted in body, but obstinately naive of cynicism. A hurt kid viewing the apocalyptic township. Braving through it - for to reach a dreamworld of vine-twirled bowers and wild, rosy gardens.

DerSpliffenhauser ,

Beautiful Gurgling Synth Music!

Luke Abbott returns with a collection of largely improvised tracks comprised of all manner of synth gurgles, trills, honks, scronks and anything else he can coax out of his modular synth. This album has been a grower for me. It took a few listens for me to enter the world he creates on this record. after 3 or 4 times thru the album, the miasmic splay of analog organisms reveal a pastoral, melodic undertone. I might still prefer the more structured blasts from his older releases, but this one is still seducing me more and more. ask me again this time next week.

Droceankiddd ,

Absolute must have!!!

Another reviewer made the point that this album blends more as a single listening experience, rather than a song by song ordeal. There is no song any less sublime, gauzy, or beautifully rendered than the others.

I have to admit to liking it better than Holkram Drones and the two most recent EPs, (which honestly didn't thrill me quite as much as HD) and for a mere 7.99 this has been the most rewarding and surprising iTunes purchase I've made since Four Tet's "Beautiful Rewind," or possibly even the gorgeous "Kindred EP," by Burial, it has that almost symphonic/electronic feel to it.

I thought for sure that Alex Banks would score the best album of 2014 with his "illuminati" debut LP, but so far, it looks like Luke Abbott is first across the finish line. Buy this, fan or not, you're gonna love it.

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