12 Songs, 51 Minutes


Ms. Judd is white-hot on a rocking and tender country set.

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Ms. Judd is white-hot on a rocking and tender country set.

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4.2 out of 5
73 Ratings

73 Ratings

ChrisCu ,

Best Album In YEARS!!!

I have been a HUGE Wynonna fan for the past 25 years. I have supported Wynonna even when I didn't care for her album. Her last two albums were in my opinion so far from why I became a fan of Wynonna's music. Those albums, New Day Dawning & What The World Needs Now Is Love are two of my least favorite albums of hers.

Wynonna and The Big Noise brings Wynonna back to her roots with the music that she loves. Southern Rock and Blues can be heard throughout this album. There is at least one song that has cheesy lyrics. "You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast" is pretty cheesy with very low songwriting skills. When she sings "Why don't you make me your fool, Come on baby take me to school" , I want to cringe because it is such an elementary rhyme of words that it seems silly. But, the song does grows on you and you will end up singing along. The two songs, The Things I Lean On and Jesus and The Jukebox really hit you in your soul. Things I Lean On hits home because we all struggle at times in our lives and we seek support in various ways. Jesus and The Jukebox is a final chapter to Billy & Bonnie. If you don't know who they are then you aren't a true Judd Fan. In a way I wish Wynonna had used Bonnie's name instead of Evelyn but those of us who have that beautiful song embedded in our hearts can feel the emotional connection between the old classic and the new song with a soulful ending. With only 4 songs to go by right now, I honestly believe this will be my new favorite album. I hope Wynonna chooses to sing The Things I Lean On on all of the talk shows to publicize the album because I honestly feel that more people will relate to that song than if she were to introduce the album to everyone by singing You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast. Wynonna deserves a lot of credit for this album and I thank Cactus for helping her find her way back home.

B.D. Butler ,


I have been listening to Wy for the past thirty-something years and I love ALL of her stuff. Have seen her in concert 18 times and met her three times. This album is an easy collaboration of what music today is lacking. There is a simplicity and beauty in the recording and it’s a natural seeming evolution for her career. Her voice is pure and there are songs that sound like she’s 18 again! Great Job Wynonna and the Big Noise! I will be shouting about this album from the rooftops!

Second member ,

So good!

This is an awesome new sound for Wynonna. It is not her 1980's, 90's or 2000's music. It's not meant to be! Gorgeous lady, gorgeous voice and beautiful new sound that meshes amazingly well in a concert to showcase yet another style that this woman can preform. She is a very versatile artist. "Perfectly imperfect" Wynonna and the Big Noise! Real sound made by real people. Love it.

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