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4.5 out of 5
58 Ratings

58 Ratings

Nickname451 ,

Retro-Sampled Electro with Middle Eastern Influence

For those of you who liked the extremely polished and smooth sound of PLAYER, you're in for a disappointment. However, if you like music with an edge like JUMPER or e.d.i.t., this is a pristine album. As a whole, WoF beats out M!M!M! in terms of quality, and here's why: 1) the album actually follows a story (person fantasizes about the future, finds someone who's attractive, stikes up a conversation, fails, bargains, questions the idea in the first place, rejects the person, and leaves), 2) all of the tracks are a hell of a lot more aggressive, 3) the dry, emotionless quality of the music adds to the mood significantly and 4) each song is unique; there's no fluffer (such as "gateway" or "factory"). The only other works I can think of that might be on par with this one are Daft Punk's ALIVE and saori@destiny's World Wild 2010.
In other words, if you like electro and don't buy this album, there's something critically wrong with you.

Mii-chi ,

capsule is my world of fantasy :3

here's my opinion on the songs :)
(excluding the intro and ending)
on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best and 1 being the worst

world of fantasy-8, after a while it gets repetetive

i just wanna xxx you-3, the music is good, but not the lyrics. i mean, that's not toshiko's style, singing about drunken boys and girls, and fxxx-ing people. i can't listen to that near adults or kids.

striker-9, i love striker, mostly because it's fun to say striker, and because the song sounds so dancable

keep hope alive-6, it's ok, i usually skip this one

i will-7, pretty song, but i'm not one for slower songs

what is love-6, meh

i can't say i like you-7, it's like "i just wanna xxx you" only cleaner and more repetetive, and toshiko seems to use a different tone of voice overall in this album than, say, more more more

prime time-10 i just generally like this song, it's what mixes a song like striker with a song like more more more or step on the floor


Japan Caught Up With Electro

I always was interested by the J Pop sound, but never thought they would catch on to the Electro Pop that America is recieving, despite that they would sound amazing on it. Capsule seems to notice, and they do it well. While "More, More, More" is more of the Daft Punk Discovery Era-Type music, this is a lot heavier and for a fair reason: Toshiko Koshijima is older. With age comes maturity, and so it shows here. She still continues to shine, and so does Yasutaka's amazing production. If there is a finer Japanese duo, let me know! Personally, I don't think there is


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