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3 Ratings

R J Lannan ,

World Cafe

Ron Korb
World Café

You might as well book a flight right now. After hearing flutist Ron Korb’s newest release World Café, you’ll want to be somewhere. His new music is full of energy and a lot of romance. So get two tickets. World Café is Ron’s follow up to his wonderful album Asia Beauty. Where Asia Beauty had lots of nuances and intangibles, this one is defiantly organic and ethnic. The twelve tracks have flute, guitar, piano, and many other acoustics to set the mood of sunny days, sultry nights, and everything in between.
The recording opens with Bailar Conmingo and you cannot not help yourself. You want to get up and dance, hold someone close, and swirl until you are dizzy. Ron’s flute leads you into a world of high spirits and joie de vivre. There is something warmly familiar about this tune.
Hear the accordion as it echoes through the streets. Imagine yourself in a tiny café on la Rue de l'Ancienne Comédie, shoulder to shoulder with other pairs of lovers. You order something quick because you want the waiter to go away. You can’t wait to stare into her eyes. Ah, such is romance. You can feel it in the song Sans Regret. You touch her hand and your heart dances to the music. Ron uses this theme on three different variations on the album.
Island Life was right up my alley. I spent a lot of time in Hawaii and the vibe of Ron’s song put me smack dab on the Big Island driving around on a sunny afternoon just looking for the right beach. Ron’s ocarina makes the song jaunty and fun.
My favorite on Ron’s album is called Patagonia. The music captures the diversity of a little explored land. Patagonia must be South America’s best kept secret. No TV commercials, no radio ads, but it is one of the most mysterious places on earth. It has ancient trees, dinosaurs, and glaciers and that’s just for starters. It also has the brightest stars that you can ever see. The mountains are high, the wine is sweet, and life is good. All that? Well, I heard that in the music. Kudos to the guitarist.
New Orleans starts out with a rumble of drums like something out of the sixties (Let there Be Drums – Sandy Nelson). Lots of energy, lots of hoopla. It’s a swing tune. This anachronistic bebopper has some great piano courtesy of Bill Evans countered well with bass by Steve Lucas. It is testament to a city overloaded with electricity at any given hour. Thanks to Larry Crowe for the drumming. Another favorite.
Head south next. Way south. Deplane in Rio de Janeiro and hear the song, Carnival. Ron’s tune is full of excitement and cheerfulness. The Spanish guitars dance with the flute to give life to the music. It is a never ending celebration to a place where life is lived to its fullest. When the last note sounded, I pushed repeat.
Sans Regret Reprise and Sans Regret Finale are variations with more accordion and piano. I can understand why Ron kept using the themes as it represents to best of times, but hidden in the notes is a sadness that is left unsaid.
As in Asian Beauty Ron Korb goes all out on every track, putting in more emotion, more complexities, and more feeling than he has to. There is not much that is subtle about World Café. It is celebratory expression of life. I liked it for its diversification. It is music that is applicable in many parts of our world. It liked it for its vitality. Life should be like that all the time or when we can make it so. Highly recommended.

muzikman97 ,

The Best Fusion Album So Far In 2018!

If you are appreciative of the flute you will feel you have struck gold on World Café. I have always appreciated the flute in rock or jazz recordings. One of the factors that I greatly appreciate about this album is that the artist actually travels to the lands that are the subject matter of his music. All the music was written and composed by Ron, everything is the real deal with this man.

The CD comes encased in a quality hardbound book style with each page containing pictures, anecdotes and a list of the contributing musicians. This is not just a listening experience, it is all-encompassing. Through the CD booklet pages and the music, you get to feel the atmosphere of where he is and imagine the colors, sounds and smells wafting through the air. World Café is everything that it says it is and a little bit more for the astute listener. It is without a doubt my pick for best fusion album of 2018 and the bar is set very high to challenge it.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

Blue Sky Music ,

A Seductive Musical Journey to the Latin World

There is something innately seductive about the sound of the flute, a sound celebrated by nearly every world culture. Perhaps it is the instrument’s intimacy: we are hearing the artist’s actual BREATH mediated and amplified through a simple tube – only the sound of the human voice surpasses the flute’s power to communicate a musician’s innermost feelings. With over 30 albums and dozens of screen credits, Ron Korb has every right to be regarded as Flute Royalty. His mastery not only includes the standard western varieties (C Orchestral, Alto and Bass), but a whole host of exotic instruments from around the world. While generally classified as a “New Age” artist, I have always found Ron’s music to have a particularly global/World Music focus. His Grammy® nominated Asia Beauty being a summation of many of his Asian-inspired odysseys.

For his latest musical voyage, World Café, Ron takes us to the Latin world – from Spain to Cuba and the Caribbean to the furthest reaches of the South American continent. Joining him on his travels are Grammy® nominated Cuban pianist Hilario Duran, pioneering accordionist Joseph Macerollo, versatile guitarist Johannes Linstead and some of Toronto’s finest session musicians.

Final analysis? World Café is a tuneful delight from beginning to end, and it is without a doubt, one of Ron’s most accomplished recordings to date, proudly taking its place next to his Grammy® nominated “Asia Beauty.” Production standards are state-of-the-art - Gary Honess at Kuhl Muzik did a fabulous job bringing Ron’s vision to audible life! The booklet is gorgeous with stunning photography by Jade Yeh. But it’s the music that closes the deal, and this is an album that is as enjoyable listening to through headphones as it is playing through speakers while you chill out with friends, or that SPECIAL someone on a summer’s night. FIVE STARS! Highly recommended!

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