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4.8 out of 5
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442 Ratings

Ronin Sherpa ,



AlxDaPimp ,

This album was already awesome...

But with the addition of three studio covers, two of which were released on the Japanease import of the cd, this album is even better! "(High) Visibility" is a Helmet cover that ends up being one of the coolest songs on the album. Same thing with "It's No Good", only this song is a Depesch Mode cover. And finally, "Black Boys On Mopeds" was originally written by Sinnead O' Connor and Chevelle's singer did an amazing job of covering a female's voice.
Now, for the original tracks. The covers weren't the only tracks they added to this album. "Until You're Reformed" from The Punisher soundtrack is also here, which is actually one of Chevelle's most clever songs to date. The singles "The Red" and "Send the Pain Below" are ideal starters, but here are the standouts in my opinion: "Family System", "Comfortable Liar", "Closure", "Until You're Reformed", and "An Evening With el Diablo". Oh, and "Grab Thy Hand" is an excellant song to rock out to.

Von Hero ,


I havent been into Chevelle very long( maybe 3 or 4 months) but they have quickly worked up to be my second favorite band. So i bought I Get It because it played on the radio and after awhile I neede an album and I cant say i was dissapointed with my purchase. This is my absolute favorite chevelle album.
Family System-9/10, Its a great song but it hasnt quite hooked me yet.
Comfortable Liar-10/10, best song on the album and my favorite Chevelle song.
Send The Pain Below-7/10, its a great song its just not their best work in my opinion
Closure-8/10, a great song but deffinetly not my fav
The Red-10/10, My 3rd fav on the album the guitar melody hooked me, its a must buy
Wonder Whats Next- Deffinetly my second fav, as on the red, wonder whats nexts guitar part will hook you as well, another must buy.
Don't Fake This-9/10, Great song but not neccicarly worth a 10
Forefit-10/10, its a great song with a great melody
An Evening With el Diablo-10/10, a great song with awesome bass exposure
One Lonely Visitor-7/10, its an ok song but its no where near my fav
(High) Visibility- 9/10, nice song
Black Boys On Mopeds-5/10, dont really like it
It's No Good-9/10, great album outro

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