Brooklyn's Liars have been a polarizing group since their inception. Their music defies expectations of what constitutes good music and/or what constitutes their own music. Fans of earlier releases will likely be surprised by the slow, sedate, and keyboard-heavy compositions here; they sound as if Liars are curious about what Radiohead's music would sound like in their hands. WIXIW (pronounced "wish you") cranks up the samplers and synthesizers, and within the first few bars of "The Exact Colour of Doubt" it strikes the ambient position that flows through the rest of the album. "No. 1 Against the Rush" throws the mechanized beats into relief with a droll vocal line that's halfway between Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno. As per usual, Liars find ways to make their music uncomfortable. The beats loiter near dance rhythms but deliberately never speed up to a groove. Liars prefer to make art rock in the sense of early Public Image, Ltd., where abrasion and confusion reigned supreme. "A Ring on Every Finger" chases electronic tones. The title track pulses erratically, and the vocals are often buried. Welcome to more weirdness.

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