With YOU-th - EP

With YOU-th - EP

Released in the midst of TWICE’s READY TO BE world tour, mini album With YOU-th deepens the discography of one of the most successful girl groups of all time. Almost a decade into their careers, the nine-member group has found a musical niche for themselves as masters of bubblegum dance-pop. The six-track EP doubles down on the third-generation veterans’ commitment to bright tunes and heartfelt optimism. “We were lightning from the start and it keeps me going to know that,” TWICE member DAHYUN sings in album opener “I GOT YOU,” a synth-driven English-language tribute to the group’s togetherness and to their fandom, known as ONCE. The “you” highlighted in the album’s title is a reference to the same bonds, and is a theme that ties the entirety of With YOU-th together. Members CHAEYOUNG, JEONGYEON, and DAHYUN participated in the songwriting for three of the album’s tracks, adding a more personal touch to B-sides “RUSH,” “BLOOM,” and “YOU GET ME.” Here the members comment on each song. “I GOT YOU” NAYEON: “‘I GOT YOU’ is about the friendship our members share and the whole journey we’ve been on. Even when we were lost or struggling, we had each other to rely on. This song’s about sticking ‘together’ no matter what comes next.” SANA: “There’s a line: ‘No matter what you got me, I got you.’ It’s saying we’re always going to be there for each other, either as a family or a team.” “ONE SPARK” MOMO: “This is the ‘title track’ of our 13th mini album. TWICE’s sparkling moment of youth and passion—that’s what we wanted to express here.” JIHYO: “'ONE SPARK' is our first attempt at the drum ’n’ bass style. It’s got a dreamy sound and melody that I hope listeners will find exciting.” “RUSH” CHAEYOUNG: “I wrote the lyrics for this one. In a relationship, there are moments sometimes when it seems like your feelings are stronger than theirs. So here I'm giving them a cheeky nudge that a bit more attention would be appreciated.” “NEW NEW” MINA: “We went full-on peppy and lovely for ‘NEW NEW.’ The song kicks off with a tropical-sounding synth lead, which gives the track a refreshing feel.” TZUYU: “Like the words suggest, this song’s perfect for enjoying the sweet springtime breeze.” “BLOOM” JEONGYEON: “In the lyrics I wrote for ‘BLOOM,’ I wanted to express the long wait, the drawn-out process until a flower can finally blossom in all its splendor. All nine of us sing in harmony on this track.” “YOU GET ME” DAHYUN: “This song is like an extension of ‘I GOT YOU.’ The story of ‘you’ and ‘I’ that begins in ‘I GOT YOU’ culminates in ‘YOU GET ME,’ where we share memorable moments and find a better world together. Pay attention to the lyrics, I wrote them!”

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